Updated Video

The Stitch Composer video in the My 15000 app has been updated to reflect the changes made in the Quilt Maker upgrade. These changes are all cosmetic. Basic functionality of the program is unchanged. Here is a summary of what was changed:

  • The simulated stitch function has been moved from the View tab to a new tab labeled SimulationAll the buttons still work the same way.
  • A new button labeled Highlight has been added to the right of the Point/Move button. When stitches are selected in the Stitch List, tapping this button will show the selected stitches as red circles. Tapping it a second time turns it off.
  • The Finish button has been relabeled as Lock Stitch. It works exactly the same, just with a new name. Note that even though a lock stitch is required to end a composed stitch, it not be done when the custom stitch is used in combination with other decorative stitches. Only the last stitch in the combination will be locked.