Version 1.5 just published

I have just received notice that version 1.5 of our My 15000 app has been approved and is ready for sale. It may be as much as 24 hours before it shows up in the store as an update. There was a lot done in this version, but most of it is on the inside where it doesn’t show. Here’s a brief summary of what’s new:

  • Videos can now be downloaded. If you are going to be without Internet, on an airplane for example, you can now download videos to watch offline. You will always get the best quality video, even if you download over a poor connection. These saved videos do consume space on your iPhone or iPad, and if iOS runs out of space they are subject to being deleted. You can delete them yourself once you have viewed them. Downloading happens even when the app is not running, so you can start a lot of downloads before bed and have them go all night if need be. This new feature is controlled by a new bar at the top of the screen:
    Mode Bar
    The first time you tap the bar it will present a screen explaining exactly how it works. After that you can tap the “i” in the circle at the end of the bar to see it again.
  • Videos can now be resumed. If you stop a video before finishing, and then come back to it, you will have the option of resuming where you stopped or playing from the beginning. This will save time trying to find out where you left. If you are within 5 seconds from the end there will not be an option to resume.
  • A 15000 V3 (Quilt Maker) theme has been added for new color choices. You’ll find it on the Settings tab.
  • A series of Troubleshooting documents has been added to the Resources tab. These are PDF documents (printable) that give you tips on solving some of the common problems that have come up over the years. We’ve also added direct links to the App Store for all of our apps, as well as all of the Janome apps.

Note that this update requires iOS 11 or later. That’s the only way we could add the download feature. If your device is on iOS 9 or earlier, you will not be able to get this update. Not to worry! You will still get new videos as we add them, but your app will no longer be updated.