A blog? Whatever for?

The Internet is awash in websites and services that are free. How can sites, such as Facebook, make money when they have no products to sell? It’s simple, really. The product is you. Vast amounts of information are gathered every time you visit and that information is sold to advertisers or others who want to use it for their own purposes. We have had our own page on Facebook which we use for product announcements and communication. Under new rules recently passed in Europe, any company that collects data from its users must disclose exactly what is collected, and send to anyone who requests all the data that they have. On Facebook there is no control over what is collected or how it is used, so we have decided to move to our own private blog and deactivate the Facebook page.

A second reason for moving is requests for help. Frequently people would ask for help by posting comments on our Facebook page, which was not read very often. This blog does not permit comments, but we do support help requests through our discussion list, which is linked in the sidebar. This allows us to respond in a much more timely manner.

Now you know the “why” of this blog. We will try to update it on a more regular basis. Thanks for reading!